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Alternative post-desert rock from Münster with a touch of MX.

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B-Side Festival 2020 - Kojote | LIVE!!

B-Side Festival 2020 - Kojote | LIVE!!

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Über uns

The “very old coyote” is the Aztec god of mischief, song, music and uninhibited sexuality. He is an astute shapeshifter, wise and dualistic. So it is only logical that our sound honours the image of the KOJOTE.
We are an alternative post-desert rock Band from Münster, Germany. Founded in late 2015 after the end of the bassist’s previous band Sideway Seekers. Diverse influences flow from every musician involved, but with a signature of the 90s alternative scene fused with modern ambient soundscapes.
Tim makes for a solid and adventurous fundament in his drums, where her soundtrack inspiration is felt in her powerful but precise delivery. This is complemented with the sometimes fuzz-heavy stoner/grunge bass from Hugo. Felix spices things up with his blues rock inspired riffing and face melting solos, while guitar builder and sound-freak Marius takes you through gilmourish layers of ethereal guitar sound. That makes for a nice cocktail of true rock sound.

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Dieckstraße 79
48149 Münster

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